Not gonna write a whole long schepel today, but I did just want to take a second to wish anyone who reads this a happy and HEALTHY Thanksgiving. Whether you are with extended family and friends or just with your immediate family this holiday, please know that YOU are in my thoughts. This year has been, by no means, an easy one. As people we want to be with and near other people. That’s been taken away from us this year and that’s a tough pill to swallow. But, now we really focus on a new year ahead. What will it look like? That has yet to be seen. My hope, and I’m sure others will join me in this last thought, is that it’s gotta be better than it was this last year. Stay positive, stay healthy and Happy Thanksgiving! XO — Adena

Comeback works like other online marketplace models. The items you want to sell DO NOT need to get shipped to Comeback. Everything is done at your home or workplace. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, each person must register themselves on the site with an email address and…

Today is Election Day. I am not a political person. But, today we choose who will live in the White House for the next four years. I am not here to start any political banter, but for me, this election is probably the most important one I have voted in since I could vote.

So whoever you are voting for today, Trump or Biden, just go and VOTE!

About 2 weeks ago, I told my daughter that she and I were going to have a Mother/Daughter Day on Sunday, October 24th. What she didn’t know was that a friend of hers from camp, who lives in Brooklyn, got in touch with me and asked if she could see…

Adena Sternthal

Adena is the owner and creator of Comeback, a marketplace to buy and sell preloved and new camp, college and sports team gear.

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