Getting to Know the Woman Behind the Business

So often, we come across websites that end up being our “go to” websites for things like buying clothing, where we learn how to apply makeup the correct way, or finding a recipe for dinner. What we rarely don’t know is, who are the masterminds behind these websites and how did they come up with the idea to create something that so many people depend on in their everyday lives? Well, I don’t want you to wonder who it is behind the Comeback website, so this blog entry is about ME.

My name is Adena. I am a wife and I’ve been married for 19 years to my husband, Andrew and together we have a 13 year old daughter, named Lucy and a 15 year old (his birthday was yesterday, in fact) dachshund, named Bernie. We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, not far from where I grew up. Professionally, I am a certified special education teacher and I have taught in various preschools, as well as, a school for kids on the autism spectrum. I also was the director of Tikvah Family Camp, a special needs family camp at Camp Ramah in the Poconos. For the last few years, and prior to the pandemic starting, I’ve been a stay at home mom, while continuing to keep my feet in the classroom by being a substitute teacher. I have a paper craft and decoration business called Door Decor, and I am the creator of Comeback.

I never thought of myself an an entrepreneur. Start up businesses are something my husband is very knowledgeable about and has been involved with for years. He likes being involved with something from the very beginning and watching it grow. I always thought that was pretty cool too, but I didn’t think I had the patience to sit around and wait for the growth to start. These business take time — the excitement and the “Oh my god, you have to check out this incredible website” mentality does not start as soon as you launch. Yeah, this I quickly learned upon Comeback’s launch early in August. Without going into too much detail about it now (saving the birth of Comeback for another entry), I had an idea, pitched it to Andrew and shockingly, he thought I was onto something. The ball quickly got rolling and I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Having been working on this business since late spring, there are still many aspects of running a business that I still don’t completely understand, and yes, there is A LOT of frustration. But, I’m learning and pushing through the tears and self-doubt and here’s why.

I’m in my mid 40’s and I have never done anything myself creatively. I’ve always worked for other people and I wanted to give being my own boss a shot. I’ll be honest, I have a deep feeling in my gut that when (notice I didn’t say if, cause it’s most certainly when) Comeback is “internet famous” and everyone is using it to buy and sell their preloved and new camp, college and sports team gear, it’s going to be the most euphoric feeling of, look what I have done. And as I end this post, I’m finding myself nodding my head, yes. All the time, all the tears, the anxiety, self doubt, will BE worth it when I can finally feel that feeling and I can’t wait!



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Adena Sternthal

Adena is the owner and creator of Comeback, a marketplace to buy and sell preloved and new camp, college and sports team gear.