How Comeback Works

Adena Sternthal
2 min readNov 16, 2020

Comeback works like other online marketplace models. The items you want to sell DO NOT need to get shipped to Comeback. Everything is done at your home or workplace. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, each person must register themselves on the site with an email address and a password. When a seller has an item they want to sell, they click on the green button on the top right of the website that says “Sell Your Gear!” The seller fills out a form describing the item they want to sell, the size (if applicable), the color(s), the condition the item is in, and at what price they want to sell the item and shipping costs, if any. Then, they simply take a few pictures of the item and upload them to the Comeback website.

When a buyer sees something that they are interested in buying, they can buy the item outright, or if they need more information about the item or want to negotiate for a different price, they can message the seller directly. When a purchase is made, the seller is responsible for shipping the item to the buyer.

Anything that a seller sells for under $15, Comeback takes $2.95. If an item sells for over $15, Comeback takes 20% and the seller keeps the rest. Processing fees will also apply.

A few things to remember when signing up…

  • BE SURE TO CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! The website will redirect you back to your email to confirm.
  • Don’t forget to link your banking information, so that when an item of yours sells, you can get paid. This can be done in settings → and then payments section.
  • Take good pictures with good lighting and when you post the pictures, be sure they are facing the right way. No one wants to look at an item that is on its side.
  • Be honest and truthful about what it is you’re selling.

What happens after an item sells?

Yay! You sold something — woo hoo… NOW WHAT? Well, now it’s time to ship the item to the buyer. You will receive emails confirming the purchase. Please take the time to follow those necessary steps towards making the finalizing the purchase. It’s always nice to receive something that is nicely packaged in the mail. So, take the time to wrap up the item in some tissue paper, maybe even include a short note of thanks for their purchase. Go to the post office and send it — the end!

Hope this helps you in navigating the Comeback website. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out at I look forward to seeing you in the Comeback community.



Adena Sternthal

Adena is the owner and creator of Comeback, a marketplace to buy and sell preloved and new camp, college and sports team gear.